About The Angels

Sample Angel is a women’s based sample sale clothing company. We, along with our angelic vendors donate a percentage of proceeds to a hand picked charity per sale in various cities throughout the country.

We all want to give back, connect to each other, feel good about ourselves and help others.

At this point in time the world is suffering. We are in this world together. We are privileged in the fact that we have our health, or home, food and shelter. Our gardens are growing as well as our connections with each other.

Humanity, kindness, empathy, encouragement and grace are all things we can give freely. Although in this day and age we have to be responsible for our own families, our friends, our jobs, and each other. The positive change is in our minds and our hearts. We want to give back but how?

Sample Angel!

Making the world a better place, one sample sale at a time!


Charities the Angels Work With & Angel Recommended Links: